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This malt is not made from barley, but from wheat. Malted wheat is roasted at high temperatures, then cooled very quickly. With this malt, you can achieve a dark brown color and notes of black coffee and bittersweet chocolate in your beer. The wheat version of the malt has more pronounced dark chocolate character than barley. This malt is used to obtain a dark color and richer flavor. Improves head retention and gives a noticeable increase in dissolved gas pressure in beer. Share in grist up to 20%. Not to be confused with unmalted wheat (that's a different category).

Ингредиенты и заменители
Name Supplier Country Color, °L
Wheat Malt Dark Ireks Germany 7,0
Best Wheat Malt Dark Bestmalz Germany 7,0
Twilight Wheat Deer Creek United States 9,0
Red Back Wheat Gladfield New Zealand 14,0
Dark Wheat Malt Weyermann Germany 17,0
CarWheat Weyermann Germany 45,0
Caramel Wheat None Germany 46,0
CaraCrystal Wheat Malt Briess United States 55,0
Roasted Wheat Gladfield New Zealand 279,0
Roasted Wheat Thomas Fawcett United Kingdom 325,0
Black Bear Wheat Malt Red shed Canada 355,0
Chocolate Wheat Proximity United States 400,0
Chocolate Wheat Weyermann Germany 415,0
Roasted Wheat BA Malt 475,0
Roasted Wheat Malt Joe White Australia 524,0
Midnight Wheat Malt Briess United States 550,0
Roasted Wheat Viking Finland 550,0
Wheat Malt Black Ireks Germany 700,0
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