Sweet Stout


Overall Impression: A very dark, sweet, full-bodied, slightly roasty stout that can suggest coffee-and-cream, or  sweetened espresso.

Aroma: Mild roasted grain aroma, sometimes with coffee or chocolate notes. An impression of cream-like sweetness often exists. Fruitiness can be low to moderately high. Low diacetyl option

Cream Ale


Overall Impression: A clean, well-attenuated, highly carbonated, flavorful American “lawnmower” beer. Lawnmower beers are beers that are light and refreshing enough to drink while working in the yard. Easily drinkable, smooth, and refreshing, with more character than typical American lagers, yet still subtle and  restrained. 

Specialty Wood-Aged Beer


This style is intended for beer aged in wood with added alcohol character from previous use of the barrel. Bourbon-barrel or other similar beers should be entered here.

Overall Impression: An elevation of the base beer style with characteristics from aging in contact with wood, including alcoholic products previously in contact with

Specialty Smoked Beer


A Specialty Smoked Beer is either a smoked beer based on something other than a Classic Style (a Specialty-Type style, or a broad style family such as Porter rather than a specific style), OR any type of smoked beer with additional specialty ingredients (fruits, vegetables, spices) or processes employed that transform the beer into something mor

Specialty Fruit Beer


Overall Impression: A appealing combination of fruit, sugar, and beer, but still recognizable as a beer. The fruit and sugar character should both be evident but in balance with the beer, not so forward as to suggest an artificial product.

Aroma: Same as Fruit Beer, except that some additional fermentables (e.g., honey, molas

Wild Specialty Beer


Overall Impression: An American Wild Ale with fruit, herbs, spices, or other Specialty-Type Ingredients.

Aroma: Variable by base style. The Specialty-Type Ingredients should be evident, as well as the defining characteristics of a wild fermentation per the base style. The best examples will blend the aromatics from the fermen

Old Ale


Overall Impression: A stronger-than-average English ale, though usually not as strong or rich as an English Barley Wine, but usually malty. Warming. Shows positive maturation effects of a well-kept, aged beer.

Aroma: Malty-sweet with fruity esters, often with a complex blend of dried fruit, vinous, caramel, molasses, toffee,

Dunkles Bock


Overall Impression: A strong, dark, malty German lager beer that emphasizes the malty-rich and somewhat toasty qualities of continental malts without being sweet in the finish.

Aroma: Medium to medium-high rich bready-malty aroma, often with moderate amounts of rich Maillard products or toasty overtones. Virtually no hop arom

Dunkles Weissbier


Overall Impression: A moderately dark German wheat beer with a distinctive banana-and-clove weizen yeast fermentation profile, supported by a toasted bread or caramel malt flavor. Highly carbonated and refreshing, with a creamy, fluffy texture and light finish.

Aroma: Moderate esters and phenols, typically banana and clove, o

Dark Mild


Overall Impression: A dark, low-gravity, malt-focused British session ale readily suited to drinking in quantity. Refreshing, yet flavorful for its strength, with a wide range of dark malt or dark sugar expression.

Aroma: Low to moderate malt aroma, and may have some fruitiness. The malt expression can take on a wide range of

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