Brown IPA


# OG, P OG, sg FG, P FG, sg ABV, % IBU SRM


13.8 1.056 2.0 1.008 2.0 40 Deep amber/light copper (10-14)


17.0 1.070 4.0 1.016 4.1 70 Copper (14-17)

Overall Impression: Hoppy, bitter, and moderately strong like an American IPA, but with dark caramel, chocolate, toffee, or dark fruit character as in an American Brown Ale. Retaining the dryish finish and lean body that makes IPAs so drinkable, a Brown IPA is a little more flavorful and malty than an American IPA without being sweet or heavy. 

Aroma: Moderate to moderately-high hop aroma, often with a stone fruit, tropical fruit, citrus, resin, pine, berry, or melon character. Medium-low to medium malty-sweet aroma mixes in well with the hop selection, and often features milk chocolate, cocoa, toffee, nuts, biscuits, dark caramel, toasted bread, or dark fruit character. Clean fermentation profile. Light esters optional. Light alcohol aroma optional.

Appearance: Color ranging from reddish-brown to dark brown but not black. Clear, if not opaque. Light haze optional. Medium-sized, cream-colored to tan head with good persistence.

Flavor: Medium to high hop flavor, same descriptors as aroma. Medium-low to medium clean, supportive malty flavor with same descriptors as aroma. The malt and hop choices should not produce flavor clashes. Medium-high to high bitterness, no harshness. Dry to medium finish, with a bitter, hoppy, and malty aftertaste. Low esters optional. Very low alcohol flavor optional. No highly roasted or burnt malt flavors. The malt should nearly balance the hop bitterness and flavor. Mouthfeel: Medium-light to medium body, with a smooth texture. Medium to medium-high carbonation. No harshness. Light warmth optional.

Comments: Separated from American Brown Ale to better differentiate stronger, highly hopped examples from more balanced, standard-strength beers.

History: See American Brown Ale.

Style Comparison: A stronger and more bitter version of an American Brown Ale, with the dry balance of an American IPA. Has less of a roasted flavor than Black IPA, but more chocolate flavors than a Red IPA.

Commercial Examples: Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale, Harpoon Brown IPA, Russian River Janet’s Brown Ale


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