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Alternative names: Shandy, Shandy, Clara, Alster, Alsterwasser, Panache, Russ, Potsdamer, Beer-Mix, BMW ( Bier-mit-Wasser), Diesel, Fruchtweizen, Goaß, Bumber, Heller Moritz, Cold Coffee, Kowalsky, Schneewittchen, Tango

Description: Radler (German: Radler) is a low-alcohol cocktail of beer and lemon juice in a ratio of 50/50 or 60/40. Currently one of the most produced and sold styles in the world.

History: According to a popular legend, the radler was invented in 1922 by the owner of the beer "Kugler Alm" Franz Kugler (German: Wirt Franz Xaver Kugler) in the town of Oberhaching, near Munich. According to legend, in order to quench their thirst, Franz Kugler began to dilute the rest of the beer with lemonade so that everyone, among whom there were many city dwellers making bicycle rides, could quench their thirst. Visitors liked the combination of beer bitterness and fruity aroma, and the cocktail quickly became popular. However, German historians are skeptical about this legend, citing evidence that a cocktail based on beer and lemonade was known before 1922.

It is difficult to establish exactly where this beer mix got its name - "Radler". Perhaps it comes from the Bavarian word "Radler", which means "cyclist".

Commercial Samples: Amstel Natur Lemon 0.0, Балтика 0 Освежающий грейпфрут, Barley Bros, Gösser Radler Lemon, Garage Hard Lemon Drink, Doctor Diesel Sexy Lime, DAB Radler, Schofferhofer Grapefruit


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