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International Lager yeast group


Most common lagers worldwide

Examples and substitutes:
Name Lab Country Type
L-04 Drink IT Russian Federation Dry yeasts
Danish Lager 2042 Wyeast United States Liquid yeasts
Diamond Lager Lallemand Austria Dry yeasts
Diamond Lager Beer Yeast Danstar Austria Dry yeasts
Juice A38 Imperial Yeast United States Liquid yeasts
Lager 497 Mauribrew Australia Dry yeasts
LalBrew Essential Lager Lallemand Canada Dry yeasts
Oslo Bootleg Biology United States Liquid yeasts
Own mug L36 ТМ Своя Кружка Russian Federation Dry yeasts
Pilsen Lager 2007 Wyeast United States Liquid yeasts
Pilsner Lager Yeast WLP800 White Labs United States Liquid yeasts
SafBrew LD-20 Fermentis Belgium Dry yeasts
Saflager S-189 Fermentis France Dry yeasts
Start-2124 АПК Биотехнологии Russian Federation Liquid yeasts
Beer Recipes with International Lager yeast:
Жигулёвское (базовый рецепт)
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