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Examples and substitutes:
Name Supplier Country Color, °L
Century Rye Canada Malting Canada 3.0
Heritage Rye Voyager Craft Malt Australia 3.0
Rye Malt Gladfield New Zealand 3.0
Rye Malt Viking Finland 3.0
Pale Rye Weyermann Germany 3.0
Rye Malt Bestmalz Germany 3.0
Rye Malt Weyermann Germany 3.3
Rye Malt Briess United States 3.7
Pale Rye Deer Creek United States 4.0
Malted Rye Root Shoot Malting United States 4.0
Rye Malt Proximity United States 4.0
Château Rye Malt (Malta De Centeno) Castle Malting Belgium 4.0
Rimrock (Vienna-Style Spring Rye) Malt Mecca Grade United States 4.8
Gazelle Rye Pale LINC Malt United States 5.0
Rye Sugar Creek Malt United States 8.0
Rye Malt Crisp Malting United Kingdom 12.0
Солод Ржаной Ферментированный Росток Russian Federation 14.8
Crystal Rye Malt Gladfield New Zealand 36.0
Black Forrest Rye Malt Gladfield New Zealand 45.0
Caramel Rye Briess United States 60.0
Crystal Rye Malt Thomas Fawcett United Kingdom 75.0
Crystal Rye Proximity United States 80.0
Beer Recipes with Rye Malt:
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