Triporteur Full Moon 12

brewed by BOMBrewery byba

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

Visual Score: 9/10 Aroma Score: 5/10
Taste Score: 9/10 Mood Score: 10/10


Famous Belgian dark ale, from a famous brewer bully. As you know, the author always depicts himself on the label, and all the ladies are nothing more than an encrypted recipe for malt and ingredients in this beer. The inscription on the Belgian oak label is not aging in a tree, but a mystical ritual of brewing beer using Belgian oak on a full moon. What exactly was fried and how - history is silent. However, the aroma of seahorse when pouring the beer into the glass may be indicative of the use of oak cubes or wood chips in the maturation of the beer. The woody aroma is spoiled only by the strong smell of actively fermenting beer, which makes no sense during pasteurization, the beer will not be able to mature in the bottle if all the yeast has already been killed by heating.

The taste is chic. A strong and distinct taste of caramel, followed by the sweetness of molasses. The alcohol is not pronounced on the palate, but it is a very strong beer. Due to the percentage of alcohol content, the guaranteed shelf life of beer is 5 years! You can safely replenish your home collection.

The recipe used sugar and wheat malt.

According to subjective feelings - Full Moon 12 is much tastier than the bright representatives of the Belgian Dark Strong Ale, such as Delirium and Dark Guild Draak.

Vital Statistics

Feat Statistic
ABV 10.2
Yeast Ale
Style group MONASTIC ALE
Style Belgian Dark Strong Ale
OG 14.5
IBU ???
Recipe Unknow
Filtred No - Unfiltered
Pasterized Yes - Pasteurized
SRM Black, opaque (40+)
Barcode 5425031460442
Brewed by BOMBrewery byba
Origin Belgium
Volume 0.33 l
Pack glass
Last updated April 21, 2023, 2:41 p.m.

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