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Clear Choice Pale Malt


Crisp Malting / United Kingdom


Clear Choice Pale Malt is new in 2022 and replaces Extra Pale and Ale versions of Clear Choice. Clear Choice is a unique offering from Crisp Malt and is a specially selected barley variety with no proanthocyanidins; these are flavonoid polyphenols that impart astringency and also form chill haze with proteins in the final beer. After fining or filtration, the result is a super clear, shelf-stable wort with beautiful honey sweetness. This new colour spec achieves a balance between our Extra Pale and Ale colour ranges. We also recommend using Clear Choice for cloudy beers where oxidative darkening of polyphenols is a concern. The clarity benefits of Clear Choice are not just evident in bottle, can and keg, but also help produce extremely bright cask beer too.

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